Monday, August 16, 2010

We arrived!

It is 10:00 here and I am ready for bed, but I thought I would write a quick update first. We just got back from John's first practice of the year, and Kaleb's first chance to watch daddy practice!

We arrived in Groningen, Netherlands yesterday morning. After running through the airport in Minneapolis in order to catch our connecting flight, the rest of the trip was pretty non-eventful. (I was so out of breath by the time I reached the gate that I thought I was going to pass out... I don't even remember the last time I ran!) Unfortunately the flight was completely full and since we were pretty much the last ones to board we had to hold Kaleb on our lap the entire time. Oh well, it isn't like you get much sleep in economy class anyway.

Kaleb was such a trooper... barely even made a cry, just a few small whimperings. He slept most of the time and was happy when he was awake. Thank the Lord for answered prayers in terms of easy travel! I am pretty sure everyone inwardly moaned when they saw us boarding, but thankfully it wasn't our child disrupting everyone's sleep. ;)

That is all for now... we are off to bed in hopes of getting a few hours of sleep. While we had Kaleb on a bit of a schedule in the States, unfortunately he was up for a couple hours last night. Apparently jet lag DOES affect newborns which makes for one tired mom and dad!

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Emily said...

I'm so happy you all made it okay without too much trouble. All I could think is, How in the world do you change a baby's diaper on an airplane? You'll have to fill me in on that later. For now, though, I'm praying you guys can get adjusted quickly to the new time, new country, new home! Love you!