Friday, November 16, 2007

A taste of home.

It is funny how shops can make you feel at home. I remember the first time I entered a Gap in European territory. It was in Paris, Fall 2005.

Today I went shopping for a small gift as we are going over to our friends' house for dinner this evening. As I walked into Simon Levelt... I felt at home!

You see, Simon Levelt was one of my favorite shops in the Netherlands. It is a cozy little tea and coffee shop filled with great gifts, candies, mugs, tea pots and coffee makers. I have decided there is certainly something for everyone. And, for those who enjoy tea and coffee, it may be their little slice of heaven here on earth. (Which, by the way, nearly every European I have met loves their tea and coffee!)

So, I am content. It feels nice to have a taste of "home", and to be able to share the shop with others. They even wrapped the gift in the same manner in which they wrapped all the gifts I purchased in the Netherlands. The only difference was the counter of pralines and truffles which was very tempting indeed. I must admit, I am quite fond of Belgium's love affair with chocolate!

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