Thursday, July 12, 2012

The birth of Isaiah John.

One month ago today, on June 12, 2012, we welcomed sweet Isaiah John Turek into this world. Born at 8:52 a.m. he weighed 8 lb. 9 oz. and measured 21 inches. After seven long weeks of waiting for John to arrive home in time for the birth, he got home with three days to spare. God is so, so gracious.

While we were hoping that baby Isaiah would come on his own, we had a c-section scheduled just in case. Although I was having contractions my body didn't show any signs of progress. Thus, we ended up heading into the hospital that Tuesday morning knowing that in a matter of hours our sweet boy would be in our arms. Although I had done it before, it still seemed just as surreal knowing that one minute my boy would be inside of me, and the next he would crying his way into this world.


I wasn't nearly as nervous with this birth and was able to relax and enjoy the experience even more. I was so fortunate in that a friend who is a nurse and was there for Kaleb's birth was also there for Isaiah's birth. Of course, a little bit of humor helped the situation.


So ready to meet our little guy! Those final minutes just seem to drag on forever.


But then I heard those cries... Isaiah John announcing his arrival. Oh, what a sweet sound.



DSC_0084 - Version 2

If those final minutes before his arrival seemed to drag on... the minutes I had to wait to hold Isaiah seemed to last forever.


Finally in my arms.



I made it through post-op quickly while the nurses finished up with Isaiah and I was able to actually hold him, do skin to skin, and nurse him for the first time. Such sweet, tender moments that I will always cherish. I love that photos capture each moment.





Big brother Kaleb was out in the visitor's area with grandma and grandpa waiting to meet his baby brother.


After this precious photo he decided enough was enough and tried pushing Isaiah off his lap. Oh the thought process of a toddler!


Thankfully baby brother gave his big brother some puzzles to work on to keep him busy in the hospital room.


Isaiah's first bath was done later in the day which was nice because I was more with it at that point and able to take it all in bedside.


Clean, sleepy boy and happy mama.


And finally, our failed attempt at a first family photo. :)



Emily W. said...

I love getting to see it all through the photos, and the commentary is priceless! Hope this first month has been kind to you and that you're enjoying the summer! I'm sure it's just flying by.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is just precious!! CONGRATULATIONS to you the pictures...praise God for another sweet, little boy in your family! Love from Iowa,
The Sears family