Saturday, February 25, 2012

My newest nephew.

My sweet little nephew, Jadon, entered the world less than one week ago.... keeping us all waiting in suspense for just over two weeks after his due date! We are overwhelmed with joy, and I find myself wanting to call every hour just to check in and see how he is doing. (No, I haven't actually do so as I remember how exhausting those early days are and how everyone wants to meet baby!)

His perfect little features leave me wanting to reach through the computer screen to hold him. His little reflexes and squeals make me oooh and aaah. His tiny little fingers and toes remind me just how precious these little bundles of joy are- how God perfectly designed each one. I look at Kaleb and then look at Jadon and find it hard to imagine that Kaleb was ever so tiny. (And by tiny, I mean nine pounds at birth- they were about the same birth weight!) Jadon is just such a beautiful baby boy, and I couldn't be a prouder aunt.

I have six nieces and nephews on John's side already, so I am not new to being an aunt. But, I will admit being an aunt this time around is so much different. I don't think it is because I love my nieces or nephews differently as I want to love them all the same. I think it is because of this: every time a baby is born so is a mother. Watching my own sister become a mommy is a such a treasure. Seeing the love on her face for her son is beautiful. Relating to her on this new level is so special to me. Not only am I a proud aunt, but a proud sister.

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