Monday, August 11, 2008

Something to ponder....

The following words were a great reminder to me of how I am called to live my life. Perhaps they will inspire you as well.

From the book Love Adds a Little Chocolate by Linda Andersen.

"Duty can pack an adequate sack lunch, but love may decide to enclose a little love note inside.... Obligation sends the children to bed on time, but love tucks the covers in around their necks and passes out kisses and hugs... Duty get offended quickly if it isn't appreciated, but love learns to laugh a lot and to work for the sheer joy of doing it. Obligation can pour a glass of milk, but quite often, love adds a little chocolate."

May your days ahead be filled with much love.

On a side note... we are adjusting well to life in Poland. Thank you everyone for your prayers. They are appreciated more than you will ever know!

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